Attributes Affecting The Spiritual Gift’s


Excerpt From The DNA Of Spiritual Gifts by Doug Klinedinst

This is a list of various attributes affecting the operation of The Spiritual Gifts in a persons life.

Differences Of Administration

The various offices i.e … the five fold ministry, elders, deacons, helpers, church officers and church members, along with varying levels of authority within each office or position.

Diversities Of Operation

Deals with different ways of doing things, procedures, maneuvers, functions or methods.

Ministry Office – (Position)

This involves your official position, role or title in ministry. i.e. pastor, evangelist, teacher etc …

Anointing (Power Through Prayer/Fasting)

Divine empowerment received from the Holy Spirit to be successful in the work on ministry

Calling – (Gods Will)

The specific area of ministry God has assigned to you – i.e. geographical or cultural

Spiritual Authority – (Submission/Dominion)

Authority over the spirit world and spiritual operations, directly related to your submission to such authority.

Personal Consecration – (Separated Lifestyle)

This is referring to your personal relationship with Jesus. Your personal lifestyle of holy living and separation from worldliness as well as your personal devotions.

Soil -­ (audience or atmosphere)

All ministry and spiritual operations are affected by the spiritual condition of those being ministered to. 


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