Embracing The Five Fold Ministry


Over the past few years a subject has repeatedly pushed its way to the forefront of many ministerial conversations. That subject has to do with whether or not our movement has fully embraced the five-fold ministry. The questions are many and complicated, the feelings are intense, and the sincere and re-occurring quest for answers demands our attention.

We have long embraced three of the five ministries mentioned in

Ephesians 4. However, we are still hesitant to embrace the idea of modern day prophets or apostles. Ironically, those ministries are mentioned more often in the Bible than the ministries of evangelist and pastor put together. It would seem to be in keeping with our other doctrines to more fully define and embrace these God-given gifts.

This project is not designed to be an exhaustive study on the five-fold ministry, but a catalyst for dialogue concerning this important topic. I have purposely refrained from sharing some of my personal conclusions, since I am eager for more discussion on the matter.

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